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Bring out the best in your

Best Friend

Expert Training for a better relationship with your dog

Dogs Are Our Family

And we want them to be part of yours too.


Easy to live with

Relaxed at home

Reliable on the trail or at the kids' soccer games

We know that the dream doesn't always match the reality though.


At best its frustrating, exhausting, overwhelming. 

At worst its scary, even heartbreaking.

We get it.  We've been there. 

And We can Help.

With our effective, expert positive training customized to your family and your dog, we will transform the jumping, pulling, chewing fur tornado into the best friend you were hoping for.

The one you can trust with your favorite shoes as well as your heart. 

Let us bring out the best in your dog.

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We Specialize In

All Things Kids and Dogs

Off Leash Trail and Scent Work

Service and Therapy Dogs


“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” — Thomas Aquinas

Bring out the best in your Best Friend today.

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